Perverted Policing

When I joined the police in the 1960s, I took an oath to serve the Queen “without favour or affection, malice or ill will”. The oath has since changed; the reference to the Queen has been dropped. 


When I joined the police in the 1960s, I took an oath to serve the Queen “without favour or affection, malice or ill will”. The oath has since changed; the reference to the Queen has been dropped and it is more about human rights and treating people with dignity, and equal respect. Quite honestly, I think it’s a fudge which permits discriminatory behaviour.

The original oath implied that everyone was treated equally. This requirement was undone by the McPherson report after the murder of Stephen Lawrence. The police were actually told to take a person’s race into account in their enforcement of the law. How can this be right?  The police were actually told to be racist, while they were being accused of institutional racism.  At the same time, government sought to appease minority groups and curtailed the use of stop and search. This has adversely affected the policing of some communities, resulting in the knife crime epidemic amongst black communities.

It is quite apparent that criminal behaviour is not equally distributed amongst the population. Some politicians, and at least one in particular, thinks the police should arrest more white people to balance out the arrests of black people. Some ethnic groups are very much under-represented in criminal activity, I would mention the Chinese as one example, and women overall feature very much less than men.

When a bobby goes out on the beat, he never knows what he is going to come across, it is one of the features that makes the job so attractive. In effect he deals with events at random. If that random behaviour does not produce arrests that reflect the make-up of the wider population then that is hardly the result of a conscious effort by the police officer. There are other factors at work and that is what the liberal establishment have been so desperate to ignore.   They seek equality of outcomes when there is no equality of input. It's really quite a socialist ideal.

This perceived undesirable disparity between different communities has led to some really perverse measures to achieve equality of outcomes. There has long been a belief in some police officers that the Crown Prosecution Service have targets for prosecuting different racial groups so that they reflect the makeup of the population. How else would decision not to prosecute some offenders be made? Police Officers perceive that different standards are applied to different racial groups.   But it doesn’t stop there, sentencing practices in the courts are no longer seen as equitable, some ethnic and religious groups are perceived as receiving more lenient treatment than others.

The Police recruitment process has also been perverted in the misguided drive to make forces recruit more minority officers. Only this week one force (Cheshire) has been found guilty of discriminating against white males in the recruitment process. Let us hope this signals the end of the perversions that the liberal elite establishment have sought to inflict on a service that used to have the respect of most of the public. This is no longer the case. The police have been used in an attempt at social engineering and it has done serious damage to their credibility. Politicians have played with fire and the consequences have still to be fully manifested.

Political correctness is destroying many of our institutions. It is time to call a halt and support Anne Marie Waters and For Britain.


Mike Speakman, Policing Spokesman, is a former Deputy Chief Constable and served in the police for 32 years.











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