Poverty in Lewisham is sustained by Labour dominance

London is a rich city blighted by poverty.  Labour dominance both causes and sustains this poverty.  

London is the second richest city in the world and yet if you walk through many of its streets, you’ll soon realise there is extreme poverty existing right alongside that wealth, and I wouldn’t mind betting that most of the areas worst affected by poverty, are areas governed by Labour.  The same pattern is seen in other matters, such as areas with high incidence of child-grooming - also largely governed by Labour.

On Twitter today, I saw a quote that summed things up nicely: “Poor people have been voting Labour for 90 years, and they’re still poor.”

The answer of course is simple; Labour depends on poverty to keep the votes coming in, and so it promotes a culture of state-dependency and low income. It also creates a culture that lacks the self-esteem brought about by independence, and it stifles creativity and initiative, keeping people stuck. Labour’s results record speaks for itself.

The Trust for London’s poverty profile states that 26% of Lewisham residents live in poverty, and it has some of the lowest school success rates in the capital. According to the Trust “Lewisham is among the worst four boroughs for educational outcomes” and 42% of 19 year olds do not have 3 A level qualifications. Lewisham also suffers high levels of infant mortality. Widespread unemployment blights the borough, particularly among the young. In a local government report, Lewisham was ranked in the worst four boroughs in London for out-of-work benefit claimants. On top of this, reports of violent crime have increased by 67.9% since 2012.

It’s the same story throughout Labour-dominated London. Crime has sky-rocketed under Sadiq Khan, and murder rates for the first time recently outranked New York. Khan seems too pre-occupied with Donald Trump or takeaway food to give this much attention however.

The problem with Labour is that its foundations are flawed; it continues to wed itself to failed economic theories and gets the basics wrong. While London (and the UK) struggle with over-crowding, unemployment, under-resourced police, and a wasteful and often ineffective public sector, the Labour Party continues to advocate for mass immigration and an open border to the EU. How can we possibly bring stability, reduce poverty, and get people in to work when the borders remain open to millions? Labour continues to fail its voters, and to keep them poor, because it fails to apply common sense policies in the best interests of the electorate.  

What people want from politicians are good schools, a job, a decent place to live, a hospital bed when needed, and a clean and safe environment. This can all be achieved with common sense, functional prioritising, and the promotion of self-sufficiency. The way out of poverty is not through state-dependency - the opposite is true. Instead, the state should work with its people to instill a sense of self-worth, independence, and liberty. The welfare state must be available to those who genuinely cannot work, or those who temporarily fall on hard times, but for it to be available as an alternative to self-sufficiency is detrimental to individuals and society as a whole.  

The Tories are not much better. They too have overseen mass migration (including illegal migration) and they too have failed to make any significant impact on poverty levels. The country still faces high levels of homelessness (especially among veterans) and police numbers have been decimated. All the while, we send billions abroad for the benefit of others.

Politicians across the board have their priorities skewed.  They are failing in their basic duties while they focus on fashionable causes and getting the right quotes in the press. The people meanwhile see little to no improvement in their daily lives. For many in London, life is going in the wrong direction, but only they can turn it around. The people are the ultimate power in our democracy, and it is up to us to channel that power for the greater good. We can do this simply by using our vote and abandoning the parties that have failed us, time and time again.

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