For Britain are delighted to announce that our application to join the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF) has been successful. We welcome this opportunity to work more closely with like minded parties across Europe, and be part of a group that believes in sovereignty, identity, respect for the principle of democracy and freedoms. We look forward to contributing to the successes of the group ahead would like to thank Janice Atkinson MEP for supporting our application and the MENF board for accepting For Britain.

Party Leader Anne Marie Waters stated "We are delighted and honoured to have been accepted into the MENL Group - a group dedicated to the preservation of our wonderful European culture and values. For Britain is making our mark throughout the continent and our journey has only just begun".

Please be aware the MENF is sometimes referred to as MENL (Mouvement pour l’Europe des nations et des libertés).

The political programme of the MENF is as follows :-

Respect for the principle of Democracy
The MENF and its members have based their political project on adherence to democratic principles and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and they therefore reject any affiliation, past or present, and any connection with or sympathy for any authoritarian or totalitarian project.
The MENF believes in the sovereignty of States and peoples and cooperation between nations. It therefore rejects all policies aiming to create a superstate or any other supranational entity. This opposition to any transfer of national sovereignty to supranational bodies and/or European institutions is one of the fundamental principles that unites the members of the MENF.
The MENF's parties and MEPs have based their political alliance on the principle of preserving the identity of the peoples and nations of Europe and respecting the specific characteristics of those peoples. The right to control and regulate immigration is therefore a fundamental principle shared by all the members of the MENF.
The members of the MENF recognise everyone's right to defend specific and unique economic, social, cultural and territorial models in Europe. The MENF seeks to preserve the diversity of its members' political projects.
The members of the MENF have built their political movement on the defence of individual freedoms and they emphasise the particular importance of protecting freedom of expression, including digital freedom, which is today increasingly under threat.
Culture as the foundation of political action
The MENF considers that culture is the very essence of all political action and that only a cultural and scientific education will enable citizens to develop a political consciousness.

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