Regional meetings in For Britain

Anne Marie at Epping Forest Branch

On 12th February Anne Marie visited the branch and provided those attending with a truly inspiring evening. A good attendance ensured a useful discussion and Anne Marie’s call for a show of hands of those interested in standing for election produced an encouraging response.

Also in February, Somerset branch has held social evenings in Langport, Bristol, Glastonbury and Yeovil. These were very encouraging and productive with a good number confirming their availability to join in branch leafleting activities.

The Epping Forest Branch are making great progress - leafleting more than ever and doing an 8 am session to get into the flats.  There was an officers meeting concerning the local elections and a rally is planned for the 31st of March - Anne Marie will be our main speaker.

Edinburgh branch met in January and made plans to open For Britain societies in Universities!  There has also been door to door leafleting in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as at a vegan festival, where leaflets about our animal welfare policies were distributed.

The Scotland Facebook page is here.

On February 16th, Anne Marie went to Sunderland where she made an impromptu speech on the high street and her videos were played for the passing public to hear.  You can watch a video of her short speech here.  There has also been several leafleting sessions (with more to come) in both Hartlepool and Sunderland.

A regional meeting to plan elections was held in West Sussex on the 17th, which Anne Marie attended.  This was a well attended meeting and candidates in the area are ready to go!

Following the shock departure of several MPs from both Labour and the Conservatives, Anne Marie made a short speech on the matter at a second regional meeting in Darrington.  You can watch a video of this here.  Also at this meeting were several candidates and potential candidates, and there is much activity planned for the area.  

Darrington meeting

Anne Marie attended and spoke at a conference on post-Brexit Europe in London on February 22nd and 23rd – our alliance with our fellow anti-EU Europeans is becoming stronger.  Fascinating speeches were heard and there will be further updates on this at a later date.

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