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Big tech companies have a tight grip on our democracy, as they control the information you receive on Twitter, Facebook, Google and beyond.  These companies are owned, run, and staffed by people on one side of the political spectrum only – they are on the side of open border “woke” multiculturalists.  If you do not agree with open border “woke” multiculturalism, you will be denied equal access to social media and your voice will be silenced.

Do not tolerate this censorship – your democracy belongs to you, not Silicon Valley.

If you have been affected by this, if you are a member of For Britain who joined using PayPal and you have not yet rejoined, please do so below.

Our country has never needed us more.  Our free speech is stifled, our opinions dismissed, and our borders open, regardless of the dangers.

For Britain will never stop fighting to return our country to sanity and order, and to put the people of Britain first.

We can only do this with your support.  Please get on board.

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Thank you.

Anne Marie Waters


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