SUNDAY COLUMN: The Coming Crisis

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 13th February 2022   We are told to brace ourselves, to prepare for the worst.  We are apparently facing one of the worst cost-of-living emergencies for […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Mainstream Mob Rule

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 6th February 2022   The law is supposed to do several things.  It is supposed to protect us physically, protect our property and protect our rights.  […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Johnson’s Distraction

BorisSunday 23rd January 2022 Anne Marie Waters   It hasn’t been an easy time for Boris Johnson.  There are those, including on his own benches, calling for his resignation in […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: We Mustn’t Give Up On Democracy

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 16th January 2022   Anyone who reads this column knows how many of our freedoms we have lost. Covid accelerated this loss, but didn’t create it, […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Review of 2021

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday 9th January 2022   Happy new year! One of life’s great gifts is the ability to start again.  If we have health, there’s no end to […]


Anne Marie Waters Sunday 5th December 2021   It’s been a week since our fourth national conference, and once again, I couldn’t be more proud.  It was a great success.  […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Reality, Not Conspiracy

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 21st November 2021   It is always wise to avoid rushes to judgement.  It is always wise to be in full possession of facts before making […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Government Remembrance Betrayal

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 14th November 2021   Today is Remembrance Sunday.  I have just returned from laying a wreath at the Headland Cenotaph in Hartlepool, where I live. I […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Glasgow Experience

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 7th November 2021   Try as I might, I cannot figure out how socialism connects to climate, but apparently it does, at least that was a […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Climate Rationing is Coming

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday 31st October 2021   The actress Joanna Lumley (who I must admit I loved as Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous) has said that rationing may help the […]


Anne Marie Waters Sunday 24th October 2021   General Practitioners (GPs) are primary care doctors who are often the first person a patient sees before being referred on for specialist […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: MP’s Murder – A Disunited Kingdom

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 17th October 2021   “Diversity is our strength”.  That’s what we’re told.  Incessantly.  Relentlessly.  Over and over again.  But what is not so ever-present is a […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Common Law Conundrum

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 10th October 2021   It’s an issue that pops up very very frequently, especially since the Coronavirus Act removed so many of our rights and freedoms […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Cost of Travel

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 19th September 2021   My mother lives in Ireland. I have not seen her since 2018 and with threat of another lockdown hanging over us, I […]

SPECIAL REPORT: The Animal Justice Project

Warning: Graphic Content   This is a report by The Animal Justice Project In January 2021, an industry-wide review of the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (WATOK) […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Forced Vaccination of Children

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday 5th September 2021   Imagine a scenario.  A 12 or 13 year old child is at school.  School has been rather difficult for the past couple […]


Anne Marie Waters  Monday 30th August 2021    It’s been a busy weekend.  It’s been a weekend of variety: a variety of the most serious issues we face as a […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Afghan refugees will bring hell on earth

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 22nd August 2021 Does it matter what people believe?  Of course it does.  But let’s take a scenario.  If I was to tell an open border […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: What is free speech?

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 8th August 2021   Last Sunday, I spent the afternoon at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London.  You can read a review here and watch a […]

Speakers’ Corner – A Review

Anne Marie Waters Tuesday 3rd August 2021   It’s quite a place. This small corner of Hyde Park in London has been a place of open speech and debate for […]


Anne Marie Waters Sunday 18th July 2021   Tomorrow is “freedom day”.  Or it was.  Nothing is certain.  We’ll have to see.  It turns out that today, the health secretary […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Football’s Coming Home?

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 11th July 2021   Modern life can be very confusing.  Indeed, at times, it’s a living contradiction.  Today is an exciting day for football fans.  It […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Labour’s Red Wall

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 4th July 2021   While it is only barely standing, standing it is – Labour’s Red Wall (its northern heartlands) has not quite yet crumbled.  This […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Toxic Media

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 27th June 2021   Yesterday we had the most fantastic day in Batley and Spen!  I deeply appreciate everyone who came along (we have a party […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Meaning of “Fascist”

Anne Marie Waters 21st June 2021 As soon as we announced we were standing in the Batley and Spen by-election, the Twittersphere “anti-fascists” began pounding on their keyboards.  “Fascists” this […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Islamic Republic of Yorkshire

Anne Marie Waters Monday 14th June 2021   When I was a young child, my mother would collect me from primary school every afternoon.  The routine was: home from school, […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Why Batley and Spen?

Anne Marie Waters Sunday June 6th 2021   I announced this week that I’m standing in the Parliamentary by-election in the Yorkshire constituency of Batley and Spen.  Let me explain […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: No Justice for Victims of Sex Offenders

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 23rd May 2021   In the Queen’s speech recently, the Government said it intends to increase sentences for sex offenders.  Frankly, I don’t believe this will […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Reflection On The May Local Elections

Now that a little time has passed after the local elections, we have been reflecting on the results and the data, trying to determine what we can learn as a […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Fall of Justice

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 25th April 2021   It’s almost unbelievable – too much to take in.  It’s also a sign of the fall of the judicial and civilised system […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Farewell, Prince Philip

On Friday, we lost a constant in of all our lives. A man who, like the Queen, has just ‘always been there’. While he was the grand old age of […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Racism Industry

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 4th April 2021   If people make a cushy living on the back of “racism”, will they want racism to reduce, or even disappear altogether?  Of […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Tolerating Intolerance

On Palm Sunday, many Christians in the world will be gearing up for Easter, their most significant religious festival of the year. For Christians, Easter represents the ultimate expression of […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Circus is Coming to Hartlepool

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 21st March 2021   Leadership is a rewarding but difficult role.  Part of it, the difficult part, is decision-making.  The person in the leader’s chair must […]


Anne Marie Waters Sunday 14th March 2021   One of the most common issues I’m hearing about from residents as I campaign for local elections in May, is rubbish!  People […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: International Women’s Day?

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday 7th March 2021   Have a look at this headline:  Child rapist threatened to kill herself when undeclared device found during visit From this, you would […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The House of Woke

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday February 28th 2021    I’m one of those who romanticises about the Royal family.  The Queen, in particular, is one of the few constants in a […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Power of Local Government

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 21st February 2021 This May, our local elections return.  These were cancelled in 2020 because of COVID restrictions, and it’s still unclear exactly how the logistics […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Trump Acquitted

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 14th February 2021   Some good news at last! Yesterday in Washington DC, former US President Donald Trump was acquitted on charges of insurrection; namely that […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Arming The Police

Anne Marie Waters Sunday February 7th 2021   I stated on a livestream recently that I would remove the policy of arming the police from For Britain’s manifesto and ask […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Quiet Destruction of Britain

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 31st January 2021   Ever since the criminal communist thugs of Black Lives Matter (BLM) illegally rioted across the UK with the help of the police, […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Courage to Win

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 24th January 2021   It’s probably an understatement to say that things are difficult for us all at the moment.  Every day it seems we wake […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Mystery Vaccines

Anne Marie Waters Sunday January 17th 2021   I was unsure whether or not to write this.  First of all because it can result in even greater censorship, and secondly […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: It’s All Becoming Clear

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 10th January 2021   There are events in history that change everything, that make everything clear.  This year is young, and yet it has already been […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: It’s Not Over Yet

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday December 20th 2020   For most people, Christmas 2020 will be an odd affair.  Yesterday, Boris Johnson announced that the relaxation of the unfathomably confusing ‘rules’ […]


Anne Marie Waters  Sunday December 13th 2020   Following the bulk of a year where we heard little but coronavirus, Brexit is back in the headlines.  The reason is a […]


Anne Marie Waters  Sunday December 6th 2020   The vaccine is here! Since the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis, we’ve been told again and again that the only way […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Manifesto 2020 – What’s New?

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday November 29th 2020    Last week was our third national conference and I want to thank everyone again who took part.  It’s not quite the same […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: America Divided

Last night in Washington the “Million MAGA March” (a protest organised to show support for President Trump) descended into predictable violence as Far Left and Black Lives Matter supporters searched […]


Anne Marie Waters  Sunday November 8th 2020   Today is Remembrance Sunday.  Today is the day we remember those who died in the military service of Great Britain.  It’s always […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Labour Isn’t Working

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday November 1st 2020    History has its pivotal moments; an event or occurrence from which it is impossible to go back, an event that changes everything.  […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: What the Papers Say

Anne Marie Waters October 25th 2020    It is one of my favourite days of the year; gaining a full hour in the morning to do with what we wish.  […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Coronvirus and the Media

Anne Marie Waters Sunday October 18th 2020   I’ve been clear in the past in my views on the media.  I believe it to be nothing short of evil, and […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Teaching Britain’s Future

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday 11th October 2020   Earlier this week, I spoke to Mike Walker, For Britain’s new education spokesman.  You can view the discussion here. As promised, I […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Infection of Politics

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday October 4th 2020   It’s been a strange week yet again.  It seems that every week this year has been a strange one, characterised by new […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Powerless Police

Anne Marie Waters  September 27th 2020   A policeman has been shot dead in Croydon by a suspect who had been arrested and transported to custody.  Somehow, through his arrest […]

The Heresy Of Common Sense

In the Middle Ages, mankind started to look beyond religious reasons to explain the world around them. The transition from Alchemy to Chemistry was a painful one as many enlightened […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Who is Bill Gates?

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday September 13th 2020    On my most recent Monday night livestream (which you can see here) I opened a Pandora’s Box; I delved in to the […]

Respect Your Elders

Anne Marie is having a weekend of activism, so this week’s Sunday Column has been written by the Party Chairman. “Respect your elders” A phrase we can all remember being […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Times We Live In

Anne Marie Waters  Sunday August 30th 2020   Yesterday I used public transport for the first time since ‘the madness’ began.   There are plenty of occasions we could name as […]

The Great Immigration Betrayal

Anne Marie Waters  Wednesday August 26th 2020 There is a strange feeling about Dover, something it’s difficult to quite put your finger on.  On Saturday, August 22nd, several members of […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Why We Must Deport the Rochdale Rapists

Anne Marie Waters Sunday August 9th 2020   Last weekend I spoke at a rally in London demanding the deportation of the ‘Rochdale three’.  These are three men convicted of […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Coming Animal Bloodbath

Anne Marie Waters Sunday July 26th 2020   On Monday morning, July 27th at 4 am, I will set out on a trip to Ramsgate in Kent.  I will attend […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: ‘Don’t Mask, Don’t Get’

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  ‘Don’t Mask, Don’t Get’ Sunday July 19th 2020   The mysterious Bristol artist ‘Banksy’, who anonymously creates graffiti based art in public places throughout the […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Immigration and why it matters

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  Immigration and why it matters  Sunday July 12th 2020   For Britain recently launched its national campaign against open borders to the world.  Illegal immigrants […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: In Defence of Democracy (Part Two)

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  In Defence of Democracy (Part Two) Sunday July 5th 2020   In last week’s column (which you can read here) I introduced you to my […]

SUNDAY COLUMN – In Defence of Democracy (Part One)

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  In Defence of Democracy (Part One) Sunday June 28th 2020   It’s a great feeling to finish a book, and I had that feeling last […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Fathers’ Lives Matter

SUNDAY COLUMN: Fathers’ Lives Matter Anne Marie Waters Sunday June 21st 2020   It was the saddest and most devastating moment of my life so far when my dad passed […]

The Ebb and Flow of Plastic

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  The Ebb and Flow of Plastic Sunday June 14th 2020   It has been a difficult week in Britain, one of several recent difficult weeks.  […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: ‘An Assault Upon the Elderly’

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  An Assault Upon the Elderly Sunday June 7th 2020   An Assault Upon the Elderly I recently heard it expressed that British society is engaged […]

Only in America?

31st May 2020 By Ed, Party Chairman this week as Anne Marie is finishing her new book!). This week has been particularly eventful, at a time when every week seems […]

Police in Barrow are Lying

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  Police in Barrow are Lying Sunday May 24th 2020   That may be a provocative headline, but I stand by it.  I know from bitter […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Fake News – The Outrageous Mainstream Media

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  Fake News – The Outrageous Mainstream Media  Sunday May 17th 2020   I had intended to write something different today.  I planned to write about […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: The Global World

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  The Global World  Sunday May 10th 2020 We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism. – Donald J […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Is the Lockdown Ending?

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  Is The Lockdown Ending? Sunday May 3rd 2020   It’s something that none of us have known before, and life is unlikely to return to […]

SUNDAY COLUMN: Grooming Gang Cover-Up Continues

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  Grooming Gang Cover-Up Continues  Sunday April 26th 2020 The British Parliament provides a facility for the public to post petitions which, if they gain over […]

SUNDAY COLUMN – What’s behind the climate change movement?

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  What’s behind the climate change movement? Sunday April 19th 2020   Alarmism Under the heading “The Truth” the campaign group Extinction Rebellion (XR) tells us […]

SUNDAY COLUMN – Why we must ban the buyback of shares

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  Why we must ban the buyback of shares Sunday April 12th 2020   Why now? The coronavirus crisis has once again necessitated a government bailout […]

SUNDAY COLUMN – What’s Happening at the Greek Border?

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  What’s Really Happening at the Greek Border? A battle between the EU and Turkey.  Sunday April 5th 2020   Background For every story, there must […]