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SUNDAY COLUMN: America Divided

Last night in Washington the “Million MAGA March” (a protest organised to show support for President Trump) descended into predictable violence as Far Left and Black Lives Matter supporters searched out isolated women, children and elderly to assault. The march itself passed without incident as expected, but the Media and Left seemed frustrated by such…

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Left Wing Terrorism is the Real Threat

If you read the mainstream press or listen to the police you could be persuaded that so-called Far-Right terrorism is a growing and very specific menace facing British society. But is that true? Well there are two major points to make on this. The first one is that the term Far-Right has been so widened,…

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AMW: We must never be frightened of Antifa

Anne Marie Waters November 25th 2019 Today I produced some videos showing an ambush on myself and other For Britain members by Antifa on Saturday night. The videos are at the bottom of this article, as well as some of the mugshots of the mob we are looking to identify. We started the evening at…

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