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FOR BRITAIN AND CLIMATE It's time to talk about Climate Change For years we have been told that the human race is having an adverse effect on the temperature and this is endangering the future of the planet. For Britain is strongly in favour of reducing pollution and protecting our wildlife for our planet, but questions...

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At the Heart of Climate Alarmism

By Paul Burgess, Spokesman for the Environment 10th March 2020 The very heart of climate alarmism is the claim that CO2 levels control the temperature of the earth.  So let us examine that by simply looking at the history of the earth. Ice core data has provided a very good record of the earth’s historic …

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When Is It Right To Be Wrong?

By Paul Burgess B.Sc., M.Sc. C.Eng, Environment Spokesman 6th January 2020 Dr William Happer is a retired professor of physics from Princetown University  with over 200 published papers. He was an adviser to the USA government until vice president Gore cleansed the advisors of any different opinions to his own. He is probably the man…

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