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24th March 2020 Dear Members, Activists and Supporters. We recently asked for you to help in your community, by dropping in contact cards to the elderly and vulnerable so that they can ask for assistance if needed. Hopefully this paid dividends for some. However, in light of the latest Government (23rd March 2020) announcement forbidding…

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Chinese Whispers: Communist China Owes The World

By Suarav Dutt, Political Analyst & Author 23rd March 2020 When the COVID-19 dust settles, there has to be a reckoning, and the Chinese government cannot be allowed to deflect or deny. There is going to be a new global dispensation after the Coronavirus pandemic is over, and if the Chinese want to be part…

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COVID-19: Call To Action – Help Your Community

18th March 2020 We are in an ever changing and evolving situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, and many of us are keen to help within our local community as much as possible. With activity on hold for the local elections, For Britain is urging members and activists to help the elderly and vulnerable in your…

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