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Brexit | The Saga So Far

By Anne Marie Waters 25th September 2019 It continues.  This is becoming more and more alarming, and the established elite more and more remote.  The Supreme Court has ruled that Boris Johnson’s proroguing of Parliament was unlawful, and MPs have gone back to work; many of them with the sole intention of preventing Brexit. The…

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Press Statement : Supreme Court Decision 24th September 2019

Press Statement : 24th September 2019 The For Britain Movement strongly disagrees with the decision reached today by the Supreme Court that the Queen’s prorogation of parliament is void.  As pointed out in the Law Spokesman’s blog yesterday, the principle that parliament is sovereign is at the heart of UK’s unwritten constitution, but it is…

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Legal Officer’s View: The Prorogation Case in the Supreme Court

By Paul Ellis, Legal Officer 19th September 2019 The news watching public have sat through more parliamentary votes and debates over standing orders and Erskine May over the past three years than is normal for a whole lifetime. The respite from more Brexit that came with prorogation of parliament has proved brief as the battle…

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