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Teacher Beheaded In Paris

By Hugo Jenks, Spokesman on Islam ALLAHU AKBAR A teacher was beheaded by a Muslim man after he had discussed free speech in his classroom.  Before discussing this topic, he had asked Muslim pupils to leave the room.  The article: “Footage captures the moment Chechen gunman, 18, is shot by French police after BEHEADING a…

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9/11 Did The World Wake Up?

By Hugo Jenks, For Britain Spokesman on Islam 11th September 2020 Out of a blue sky, passenger planes smashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York.  A plane also smashed into the Pentagon and another was heading towards Washington D.C., but hit the ground in open countryside, as the passengers…

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London Bridge and our non-existent rights

London Bridge and our non-existent rights Yesterday two people were murdered in central London and others injured there. Obviously our hearts go out to all of those affected and we all feel the deepest sympathy for anyone affected by this atrocity. But unfortunately sympathy is not enough! We all know that this man had a…

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