Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

For Britain cannot guarantee the availability of the website or database.

The purpose of the website and database is for the management of For Britain. It is not a service for the user or member.

Use of the website means that you consent to the website using cookies.

Use of the website means that you consent to the website and database being on a server outside the EU.

The website and database are hosted by the American company 3dna, Corp., Los Angeles, CA 90071 trading as NationBuilder on servers in the United States of America.

At times the website will request your replies to surveys or to policy proposals. If you choose to reply you agree to not put false data into the website.

You also agree that if you find personal data on any person other than yourself within the website or database that you will not share that data with any 3rd party. Sharing personal data is subject to the Data Protection Act.


You agree to accept all liability and responsibility for any contribution you make personally.


If you enter your email address into the website or database you are agreeing to receive emails from For Britain. (Such emails will allow you to cancel.)


If you supply your phone number you are agreeing to receive voice call or text messages from For Britain.


For Britain is a political party which was registered with the British Electoral Commission in March 2018. There are laws and rules which the Commission imposes on parties.


EU law places obligations and restrictions on databases that hold personal details.


The For Britain database being a membership database not for profit does not need to register with the authority.


If you become a member of For Britain or you donate to For Britain you are consenting to your data being processed in accordance with Commission rules and relevant laws and for that processing to be done by third parties who may be outside the EU.


The website may have sections which are reserved for members or some class of members.


The website may have sections reserved for management.


You have legal rights over personal data held in any database.


The website and database are for the management of the For Britain party and this includes but is not limited to, surveys of members or public opinion, feedback from members, training for members and member help, arranging of events, fundraising, membership drives, social events, dissemination of information, collection of information, volunteer work, & blogging, all of which generates data on the website user preferences and opinions. These data will be stored in that person’s profile within the database to be used for better management of For Britain and for better service to the person. Use of the website means consent.

For Britain agrees to make efforts to correctly record and store data, to not enter false data, and to correct errors if informed of them.


We live in dangerous times where there is a risk of social repercussions and even violence for being associated with a political party. Therefore do not put personal data into comments boxes.  The website has methods to display data for the purpose of competitions or rewards, leaderboards (showing who are winning or performing comparatively well) or other management reasons. Inclusion in such displays is under control of the individual whose data is to be displayed. For Britain’s policy is that such displays are not to include your personal data without your permission which is given by clicking a button or link when entering data.


All persons under the control of For Britain who are granted access to the database will be for management purposes and such persons will be aware of the confidentiality of your data and the prohibition on sharing it with third parties, except if you have requested or consented to such sharing or there is a legal requirement to share.

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