Thank you for joining For Britain

Thank you for joining For Britain.

Thank you for having the courage and principle to stand up for the truth.  You are the heroes, and history will record you as such.

There is a very long road ahead of us and it will be difficult, but together we really can bring big change to British politics; the time to do this is now.

The next stage in our development is the building of local branches. Some are already being established and we'd be delighted if you would start one in your area.  For full details on this, and for help with setting up a branch in your area, please contact and they will take you through the process.  Branches will be displayed in the Members area of the website very soon.

If are you are interested in standing as a candidate, please contact

Public Meetings

In January, we will begin our public meetings.  We hope to hold as many of these as possible across the country.  The current plan is for me to visit areas where we intend to stand candidates in May 2018, have leaflets delivered to local people introducing For Britain and advising of the time and date of a local meeting, and then addressing attendees with our vision for the country and for their area.  We will have hard-working local candidates in place who will receive help and training from For Britain's central governance.

These will begin in January and you will be kept up to date at all times.


It is vital that For Britain reach out to young people and speaking at universities is part of how we would like to achieve this.  If you are a student at any college or university (or indeed school) and would like to discuss ways in which we can reach the student body with our message, please get in touch with me directly.

Upcoming Events

For Britain has recently held two fundraising dinners in Pontefract, Yorkshire on November 18th, and Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, on November 25th.  Full details of future events will be displayed here .  If you can make it along, please do.  This will be a chance to meet other Members, and if all goes well, bring new ideas forward for the party.  But it's also a time to relax, so it would be great to see many of you there. 

The New Year will present us with an incredible opportunity and we will grab it with both hands.  Our message will reach people and our party will grow.  You may have seen an "Exposure" of me by an ITV film crew that was broadcast recently.  I hope it reassures you to know that I have been inundated with support since this programme was shown, and people were joining the party during the broadcast!  A look through social media reaction will show that there is around 80-90% support for my message, and a real knowledge of the fact that the media is engaging in smear and trickery.  People are no longer fooled.  We are in a period of real change, and I believe For Britain will encapsulate that change.  

It takes time to get the initial requirements of a political party in place, so thank you for your patience while we get our ducks in a row.  We will have all formal requirements in place very soon and in 2018 we will commence with changing British politics for good.

Social Media

This is an enormously powerful way of keeping in touch with you and also for you to interact with other Members.  Please visit the Members Area of the website to find links to our official pages for FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube.

You'll be receiving regular messages from me, so please look out for these.  

Thank you once again for being a part of history.  I hope to see you at an event in the near future. 

Very best wishes, 

Anne Marie Waters


Campaign priorities

Read about our national campaign priorities here

See our priorities

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