The Brexit Alarm Bells

We are witnessing unprecedented political upheaval in the UK. In my lifetime, I cannot recall anything similar. Since the Brexit referendum result, our political establishment has been shaken to its core. Activity in recent days has shown there is no imminent sign of this abating.


We are witnessing unprecedented political upheaval in the UK. In my lifetime, I cannot recall anything similar. Since the Brexit referendum result, our political establishment has been shaken to its core. Activity in recent days has shown there is no imminent sign of this abating.

Back in 2016, as soon as we voted to leave the European Union, the chaos began. The political elite had no expectation of a Leave win, and so they hadn’t planned for it. The reason? David Cameron simply assumed we would vote to Remain, and that the Eurosceptic Tory wing would be silenced for good. EU leadership very likely agreed, until the results rolled in. The people had disagreed with the elite, and the elite didn’t like it, so they set about re-writing history and insulting the electorate.

Suddenly, Brexit was divided in to ‘soft Brexit’ and ‘hard Brexit’. The former meaning to stay in the EU in some form or another, the latter meaning, well, Brexit. We went from “we will definitely leave” to “we can’t possibly leave” in a matter of hours after the shock result. History re-written, the insults were soon to follow.

The British public was informed in no uncertain terms that we had made the wrong decision. MPs from across the board spoke of how ill-informed we were, we didn’t know what we voted for, or we voted leave because of the suggestion on a bus that the money would be better spent on the NHS. So dishonest are the political class that they still maintain that this suggestion on the better use of public money somehow amounted to a manifesto promise that would then go unfulfilled.

Then Theresa May arrived in Downing Street.

First, she promised there would be no general election, just before announcing a general election. Tory arrogance meant they ran a terrible campaign and lost their majority in the Commons, then were forced to rely on Northern Ireland’s DUP to govern.

Then came the ‘negotations’ with the European Union’s unelected bosses. The tone was set – the unelected were going to set the pace, and Britain’s elected (barely) government would do what it was told. This indeed is the working of the EU in summary; the unelected give orders to elected national governments whose sole job it is to implement those orders.

The EU didn’t bother with a simple trade deal for us - despite its ability to trade with others with relative ease, in our case it would prove impossible. Two and a half years in, and still nothing of substance has been agreed. The unelected elites of Brussels instead float the idea that we stay in, why not just ignore the result? The EU is used to doing this after all.

The agreement finally hammered out by May and the Brussels unelected promised little; no firm agreements on trade have yet been put in place, no solution to the Northern Ireland border issue, and certainly no freedom or independence for the United Kingdom. We would remain under the foot of the EU until an unidentified future time when it deems to let us go. That is the essence of the agreement.

Despite May’s promises to do so, the agreement was not voted on by MPs initially, because the Prime Minister knew she would lose. Christmas interrupted events and May came back this week to finally put the ‘agreement’ to the test. It was voted down overwhelmingly, and now the PM finds herself going back to the drawing board, even though she knows there is nothing left to draw.

The Prime Minister has survived a vote of no confidence in her government, having survived a vote of no confidence in her leadership. Once again, in my lifetime, I have never known such commotion or instability in the British Parliament or government, and it is all because we voted to leave the EU.

There is a warning in all of this but it appears to be going unheeded. Many in the Remain camp have even begun to claim that leaving the EU is “impossible”, that we are so far entrenched in this bureaucracy that we cannot get out, even if the majority of the public want us to. Doesn’t this worry them? Don’t any alarm bells ring when we are unable to leave a political union governed by people we don’t elect and can’t remove?

We’re witnessing truly historic events that have revealed the sham behind the EU curtain. The true ugly face of our governance is on display for all to see. Europe is led by those we can’t remove, it makes laws we can’t object to, and if we try to leave, it will be made as difficult as possible. Attempts to leave will be punished.

This must and should tell us all we need to know. The EU means the end of European nation-state democracy and sovereignty – permanently.

This is why our party takes the long-term approach that we do. We know the EU can’t and won’t be ‘reformed’ and it will never answer to the nation-state or those who hold it to account. There is only one way forward. The EU must be brought down and the nation-state restored. It has to go, completely. Then, and only then, can European people once again call themselves free.


Anne Marie Waters

Leader, For Britain 





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