Tommy Robinson was back in court

Title: Tommy Robinson was back in court
The For Britain Movement, Press Office
Wednesday, 15.05.2019 - 4pm
For immediate release.

Tommy Robinson is a phenomenon of our time, and this long drawn-out court case is a court case of our time. What it is really about is free speech, in particular the freedom to discuss Islam. Further, this case represents a real and present attack on the working class of this nation.  It sends a message: know your place.

To the ruling elite and political class, Tommy Robinson is an ’irritating impudence’ of a working class man daring to shout ‘foul’ at identifiable wrongs he sees around him, wrongs that many millions in the UK see around them. Everyone should be concerned about the state persecution of Tommy Robinson, because regardless of the details of the case, our country is aware that others commit terrible crimes with impunity, and the law is not enforced with equal rigour across the board. This event at the Old Bailey this week should be on the front page of every newspaper, but it won’t be.  

Before he went in to the court yesterday to learn if he would once again face charges (he will), Tommy Robinson addressed the crowd, stating it is not only his freedom the state is attempting to take away, but the freedoms of us all.  

Like President Donald Trump, like Anne Marie Waters and For Britain supporters, in fact just like millions of decent hard working British people, Tommy is guilty of ‘2019 wrong -think’. As such, he is enemy number one of the establishment's thought police, and is fair game to its friends in the press.

Anne Marie Waters, Leader of the For Britain Movement, attended the Old Bailey and addressed hundreds of supporters: “You are all heroes. We are living in a Britain where there is a (narrative) pushed by the Government, pushed by the media, and if you don’t agree, you are in trouble”.  She went on to say “There is a man in court here today, not because of any charges they have against him, he is here because he is Tommy Robinson, and he is here because he has put his head above the parapet time and time again to tell the truth”. 

Tommy Robinson is currently campaigning as an independent candidate in the North West region for the upcoming European Elections.  He has been travelling to towns in the North West campaigning and delivering his open air talks from the back of a truck.  In the working class estates and areas where he has been speaking, hundreds of people have come out to show their support.

Tommy walked out of the court yesterday early evening to announce to the crowd that the court had ordered a new trial, due to begin in July. If the people of the North West vote for him, he could walk into that court room as an elected MEP.  We are witnessing British political history, great change is coming our way, and For Britain will be at the heart of it. 

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