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Data Protection Training 

Learn your responsibilities on looking after the personal details of members and others whose data is stored in the database. This is a required course for anyone who has control panel access either to work on the website or the database. This includes Path Managers.


Paths and Path Managers 

Learn how you can manage progress of tasks within the Party by being a Path Manager. This uses a system of steps on a path. This is like a series of filing trays that contain information about members. 



Learn how the system displays a member's details. Name, email, Twitter & Facebook accounts, plus tags



Learn how member's details can be tagged with words or phrases to classify them or add new information and later to search for them by those tags

Create a Branch Profile

Learn how to create a profile for a new branch, name it, tag it so it can be searched, assign a person to be responsible for it, place it on a path to keep track of the next steps, and link the profiles of the members of the branch so from the branch profile you can see all the members and from the members you can find the branch.

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