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Members of For Britain enter personal information about themselves into the database which is stored and processed in America.

Personal information is any information related to any living person who can be identified from the information.

EU & UK law says that anyone who has access to that information must be trained in how to handle the information.


If you are being trained to be a Path Manager or Control Panel User you will be accessing some of the personal data of members or other persons stored in the database.

Therefore you have to be aware of the rules on protecting that data.


The most important point is that the unauthorised sharing of data with anyone is a criminal offence.


If you are going to look at or make use of data about a person you have to follow these rules:


  1. Only access via a password protected device
  2. Not share any data with a third party except with explicit consent and/or unless required by law.
  3. Not transfer any data to a memory stick or other portable storage
  4. The data about a person has to be corrected if false,
  5. The person has the right to see data about the person and request corrections
  6. The data will be deleted if the person leaves the system, unless it has to be retained for legal reasons
  7. Only send emails or sms messages to persons who have consented to them

If accessing the database from a computer, the computer has to be password protected. This means that when you switch the computer on, you have to enter a password before you can do anything on the computer.


You will have to confirm that your computer is password protected in order to be a Path Manager.


If you access the database with any other kind of device the same requirement applies - it must be password protected.


You will have to confirm that you will not make copies of the data, or download the data or upload the data to any online storage place, you will not post any of the data to social media, nor send it in a message, nor tell anyone the contents nor in any way whatsoever share it with anyone other than the person that the data describes.


Therefore if you are asked for say the phone number of a member your response is, “I am sorry but I am not allowed to tell you that, but if you want to tell me your phone number I could send it to the person.

Imagine that a member or manager, who does not have access to the database, says,


I need to contact Bob WhatsHisFace, can you look up Mr WhatsHisFace and tell me his phone number or his email address?


You reply,


Sorry I am not allowed to give any personal data to you, but if you like I could email Mr WhatsHisFace and give him your phone number or email.  Or I could ask him for permission to share his phone number or email with you.


Please read this page again and then take this survey quiz. The questions are on the above numbered rules. The answers are multiple choice. The results will be added to your profile. You have to get them right.


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