Why I stand with Anne Marie and Tommy

I attended the gathering of people from across the country outside the Old Bailey in London on the 23rdOctober, to offer my support for someone who has been on the receiving end of some appalling abuse, misrepresentation and clearly politicised ‘justice’.

I attended the gathering of people from across the country outside the Old Bailey in London on the 23rdOctober, to offer my support for someone who has been on the receiving end of some appalling abuse, misrepresentation and clearly politicised ‘justice’. I attended with our party leader Anne Marie, who has stood up for Tommy over the years, often at great personal cost, because she, as I, and as a party, cannot compromise principles when it comes to telling the truth. If you’re of a certain character, once you know things, you cannot sweep those things under the carpet for personal gain. It was one of those occasions when allegiances, disagreements etc didn’t matter amongst those attending – what I saw was a sea of people all unified by a deep sense of frustration and injustice, and a man carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, but one that carries it more bravely and more resolutely than should be expected of a single person.

Sometimes you have to go to these events to appreciate what actually happens. I amused myself later with the collective media trying every trick in the book from ‘there were only 300 there’ to ‘ a collection of middle aged white men drinking lager’, desperately trying to push a false narrative. I spent nearly all my time with strong committed women, two Pakistani heritage ex muslims and beyond that a cross section of society, not that it matters of course. The fact that the media uses ‘white middle aged men’ as though that is a negative slur is telling. They’re not important, they’re just angry stupid racists is the message they want to sell. But nobody is buying it. Trump has helped wake people up to the agenda of the media, to see journalists as the political activists most of them are. There’s a dynamite story in what Tommy has to say. Many elements of his speech warrant national attention. The opportunity to inform the public that this man wanted parents to know child rapists were back on the street in their town, but had his voice taken away. That one packed his bags and fled justice. It is a national scandal. It is beyond what we should have to take as a proud principled nation.  

I have known Tommy for a little while before things went crazy for him this year, and spent time with him at the football and had chance to gauge him as a person. I am a fairly good judge of character, and what I am absolutely certain of is Tommy has his heart in the right place. My friend Mr David Vance often says ‘we are on the side of the angels’ and Tommy, to his core is a good person of that I am certain, and his been fighting this cause for many years for all the right reasons. He genuinely cares about the victims, and their stories weigh heavily on him. Does it mean he is an angel who has never made mistakes? Of course not, nor would he claim that. But before many people will have even heard of Tommy, he was fighting this fight, on his own against rooms full of haters - it is in his blood, and so it was my duty, and Anne Marie’s to be there to support. I was delighted to see so many For Britain supporters and flags there. We are on the same side, everyone in that crowd was. Tommy became a unifying point to remind us what this is all about, keep us focussed on the bigger picture that hasn’t gone away, even if it is (finally) starting to be more publicly recognised.

Anne Marie and Tommy has been trying to educate the world for the last ten years, when virtually nobody would listen, and the reason I took this role for Anne Marie is because I know there won’t be any change of view. Strong unwavering principles are important to me, and I think all our party members, and I know her (and the party’s) policies and approaches won’t ever change or bend. That’s important. I think Tommy recognised it when he thanked Anne Marie on stage. Nothing has changed with Anne Marie for years, and nothing will for years to come, which is why I admire and respect both Tommy and Anne Marie as individuals, and why we all owe them a debt of gratitude for keeping going when nobody would listen, and everyone was attacking them. That still happens of course, but they have far more friends now, and that number is growing. The day after I discussed the event with a non political person who had seen it on the news and hardly knew who Tommy is. But his comment was ‘ it’s disgusting what’s happened to him’. I take encouragement from that, that he saw through the news report, as should we all. Great Britain is waking up, and I’m determined to ensure this party continues to open more eyes to the truth. When your only message is truth, it is a simple one and you have no need to complicate it or to try and catch people out.


Ed DeMolay,

Chairman, For Britain

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