WTO Deal - “Accentuate The Positive”

How many times are we going to hear the terms “crashing out”, “disaster”, “brexit battle”, “falling back on”, “damage” etc?  Project Fear Mk2 is in full propaganda mode, or more to the point, they are in desperation mode.

How many times are we going to hear the terms “crashing out”, “disaster”, “brexit battle”, “falling back on”, “damage” etc?

Project Fear Mk2 is in full propaganda mode, or more to the point they are in desperation mode. It is very clear that the establishment, the globalisers, those with vested EU interests are fearful that we shall once again become an Independent Sovereign Nation. We see the likes of Femi Oluwele, Gina Miller, Alastair Campbell, Anna Soubry et al doing their very best to use the techniques of Edward Bernays to obfuscate, to scare, to influence and dare we say to brainwash ourselves to accept their points of view.

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We are seeing a Prime Minister say that she is working for the “national interest” and that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, what she does seem to have forgotten is that Leave won the referendum. She should be working to deliver an exit that respects the wishes of the Leave vote and ensures that democracy is not usurped by Parliament.

The need to combat project fear is wanted now. It is time we all accentuated the positive, no deal should not be seen as a negative. There is an opportunity to shake off the EU constraints on our country and for us as the World’s 5th largest economy to take our seat at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

As members of the WTO we have Article 24 (Art. 24) that allows us to continue to trade with the EU, continue to trade on zero tariffs until an agreement is agreed. There is a clause in Art. 24 that gives us a “reasonable amount of time” to agree a trade deal. This period could be as long as ten years.

We have faced more trying times in the past and we have defeated many that have attempted to take away our liberties. Over the years the creeping EU doctrine by stealth has got it’s claws in to our country and has been trying to influence what we do and how we do it. Those who voted Leave in the referendum clearly made their wishes known and we should have no more EU interference.

We will not make any more payments to the EU, no “divorce bill” of £39 billion and no ongoing subscriptions or legal costs. Just think what £39 billion could be used for, it equates to £60 million per constituency. How many local services could benefit from more funding?

Just imagine VAT being cut and that money being put in your pocket and giving our economy yet another major boost. Despite the scaremongering that our economy would see a nose dive because of Brexit, the opposite has been the case. We have seen wages rise, employment jump and unemployment close to it’s lowest rates in the 1970s at 4%, all despite Brexit.

We can look forward to having our fishing waters back and a chance to revive our fishing fleet and bring back life to our docks and coastal villages.

We can free ourselves from the Common Agricultural Policy. A policy that favours othr countries to our detriment. We can be free to invest in our farms and agriculture industry without EU interference.

Controlling our borders and an end to freedom of movement is an absolute must. Immigration is out of hand we are seeing an increased call on limited resources. Our services are overburdened. Being out of the EU allows us to control who enters our country legally and wages will rise as a consequence.

We can look forward to removing punitive tariffs on imports of clothing and food meaning that these goods will see prices reduced.

Our armed forces, the envy of many across the world, will not be drawn in to an EU army under EU command. Our need will be served and UK command will direct our forces.

Laws will once again be made in our Parliament. We shall be out of the European Court of Justice and we can look forward to the repeal of the Human Rights Act (HRA) that has in recent years appeared to favour the perpetrator and not the victim. We have seen how difficult it has been to deport known terrorists and the convicted with lawyers using the HRA to keep them in our country.

Ignore the scaremongers, the doomsayers and if they should tell you no deal is a bad deal ask them why that should be the case. You may have to wait for a direct answer.

Let’s all accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, don’t mess with Mister or Missus In-Between.


By Darryl Magher, For Britain Communities Spokesman 


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